Professional of Analogue Circuit Design and Circuit Layout Design

  • ・audio & imaging
  • ・DC-DC-converter
  • ・display driver
  • ・analogue design
  • ・analogue layout
  • ・analogue-to-digital
  • ・digital-to-analogue
  • ・analogue amplifier
  • ・analogue modulation
  • Tokyo Drafting Co. Ltd. was established in 1980, have its headquarter in Hachioji City (Tokyo Japan) as a Layout and an Analogue Circuit design company of integrated circuit.
  • Our technical feature is all over the Analogue Circuit technologies, especially digital audio, imaging, and power management IC of analogue IP design and whole chip design . Analogue Circuit design, that is our core technology, so we are running our business, centering around designing these Analogue Circuits.
  • In digital audio area, we have many experiences from architecture to detail design of ΔΣDAC/ADC modulation technology, highly qualified headphone amplifier, speaker amplifier and so on.
  • As we started our experiences from hand-made layout, we are strong in the layout design which needs complicated analogue circuit peculiar design. Now making full use of P-Cell (parameterized cell), we are preparing to equip for more efficient layout design environment.

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